Welcome to Bujinkan Perth

The Bujinkan system is made up of 9 schools handed down to Dr Masaaki Hatsumi by his teacher Toshitsugu Takamatsu, who was considered by many to be the last true ninja. Although commonly known as Ninjutsu, the Bujinkan covers a diverse range of skills, disciplines and strategies from both the samurai and ninja traditions. Soke chose the name Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu to distinguish what we do from populist ideas of ninja and the ninja boom in martial arts.

  At Bujinkan Perth we cover all aspects of armed and unarmed combat, grappling and ground attacks, indoor and outdoor envirornments, one on one, group defences and so on. We train to understand when it is important to stand our ground, when to fight or when to walk away.
Regular classes cover the following and more:

Junan Taiso - conditioning, flexibility, fitness
Ukemi - moving safely in any direction
Taijutsu - energy efficient movement
Dakentaijutsu - effective striking
Jutaijutsu - grappling, restraints, takedowns
Buki - traditional and modern weaponry.

There are no tournaments or competitions - we use realistic scenario-based training to ensure our skills are realistic and effective.We also hold regular training seminars for members to explore aspects of training in more depth with higher level instructors and Shihan.


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